Kusters Calico Machinery Pvt.Ltd. presently is a member of Jagenberg AG, Krefeld, Germany.

Kusters Calico was earlier established in 1997 as Kusters Calico Machinery Pvt. Ltd. (KCMPL) as a joint venture of Eduard Kusters Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (EKK) of Germany and Calico Industrial Engineers (Calico) of India.

The EKK was formed in 1949 in Krefeld, Germany and were pioneers in textile processing machines employing over 1300 people. Its development of S Rolls has proved a milestone in the textile industry. Calico was established at the same time in 1946 in India as Calico Industrial Engineers. It had a significant presence in textile machinery in India since then.

From 1997 till 2008 KCMPL supplied state of the art machines to several reputed textile mills in India. It sold various machines in India and abroad.

In 2008, when KCMPL became a part of JAGENBERG group as they gathered strategic holding in the company. This unfolded opportunity for KCMPL to seek newer markets world wide. So with intense marketing and business development Kusters Calico has forayed in many regions of the world. Presently we have representative agents in more than 24 countries.

KCMPL became a private limited company in 2011. It is now called Kusters Calico Machinery Pvt.Ltd.

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Integrated Technology for Textile Wet Processing

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