Technical Textile

Textile is in our root and technical textiles application needs precise parameter and control over the products like water proofing, stain resistance, flame proof, antibacterial coated textile. The specific application achieved by suitable coating technologies and chemical chemistry. The even coating layer of the coated chemical must be applied as even as possible with respect to width and coat.

Our multifunction coating head offer excellent features and application characteristics that is suitable for quick and easy use in every task. Our gravure coating system, Coma Doctor, Knife on Air, Mayer bar, Slot die system provide excellent solution for technical textile.

Technical Information

  • Width - 1600mm to 4000mm
  • Multi-purpose coating systems for Automotive, Sports, Protective Cloths, Artificial Leather, Home textiles, Woven etc. application
  • Precise coating system with most advance control system ensure application dosing system have close loop synchronisation with machine.
  • Supply of Embossing and Calendaring unit to achieve desired coated fabrics

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