The preliminary decision for quality fabric.

Singeing is a very popular process to upgrade the fabric in the first step. Additionally, it keeps dirt out of the following processes.

When choosing Kusters Calico singeing technology, the foundation for uniform quality is laid. Kusters Calico provides the highest possible singeing effects, automated process control, low energy-consumption with versatile range of application.

Singeing position

Flame meets at right-angle onto dense woven fabric freely guided between 2 rollers, recommended for natural fibres and blends.

Onto water cooled roller

Flame meets at right-angle onto the fabric passing over a water cooled roller, recommended for fabrics made of temperature sensitive fibers

Tangential singeing

Flame passes tangentially over the fabric guided over a water cooled roller, recommendable for fabrics which cannot tolerate direct exposure to flame and for repair of filamentation.

Execution for woven fabrics

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