S-Roll Technology

The unique construction of the roll ensures even nip pressure across the working width.

Its ability to control deflection in the middle and sides of the working width has an important role to play.

The deflection-controlled roll for constant results

  • Padders are equipped with the well-known Swimming Roll (S-Roll).
  • With controlled linear pressures the deflection-controlled rolls achieve a specific squeezing nip for every fabric.

Controlled nip pressures of S-Roll

Cold Pad Batch

Customer Benefits

Optimized troughs

  • For various processes and fabrics qualities
  • With integrated heating/cooling
  • Improved access to the fabric path

Optimized fabric guiding for all fabrics

  • Low fabric tension
  • Short fabric paths

Contidos Dosing System for CPB Dyeing

Dosing to Measure

  • Online Dosing for CPB dyeing with Padder
  • Production of dye liquor on the basis of dye solution and auxiliaries dispensed separately
  • Dye solution and auxiliaries are blended homogeneously in a mixer and fed into the padder
  • Dosing of each individual component according to recipe quantity in ml per litre of dye liquor

Metering of Liquor Pick-up

  • Consumption record
  • Automatic operation mode
  • High accurancy in dye liquor production with automatic control of dosing tolerances
  • Trouble-free and rapid colour changes
  • Small losses of dye liquor and short rinsing processes in the case of colour changes
  • No preparation of auxiliary baths
  • Dosing capacity according to recipe and production capacity
  • PLC control with operating terminal
  • Link to process control system
  • Dissolving and preparation

Dyeing Steamer

The high quality and the production standards of our dyeing steamers guarantee even and reproducible results.

  • Dyeing steamer with perfectly saturated steam conditions using Cloud Control.
  • Water lock at the exit with temperature control.
  • Prevention of water drops due to heated roof.
  • Specially designed infeed and exit to prevent either air entering the steamer or unnecessary loss of steam.
  • Spraying system for quick cleaning and cooling down.
  • Tension sensitive fabric transport due to frequency controlled driven pulling rollers.

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