The traditional solution-manifold applications

  • With vertical fabric passage, generally for all washing tasks
  • Large machine component system with different equipment features and various fabric contents
  • High reaction time
  • High degree of washing effectiveness, at the same time high fabric speed
  • Controlled fabric tension

Super Flush

High performance washing with optimized water consumption

  • The new generation washing machine is successfully in use for modern, high-quality fabrics since 2000
  • High performance washing machine for all speeds and fabric weights
  • Excellent washing effect due to combination of surface washing and penetration and due to counter flow liquid circulation at high circulation rates
  • Crease-free passage of fabric due to short distance between rollers, sloping rise of cloth passage and large roll diameter
  • Optimized water- energy system due to small trough contents
  • Highest degree of production readiness due to reduced set-up times at process change, due to swivelling cascade troughs and accessible interior

Washing Principles

1. Turbulent washing in the cascade trough

Super Flush

2. Penetration washing duo to gravity

Pile Flush - with adjusted fabric passage for pile fabrics under application of same washing principles 

The graph shows impressively how efficient the washing out of caustic soda lye in the Super Flush is. As a comparison, the identical washing process in the Compacta washing machine is shown. In spite of the considerably larger load, the traditional washing machine needs double the amount of water to achieve the same result.

Flush Master

Open width washer for woven fabrics & pile fabrics

  • Jet and pulsating washer
  • Can handle elastane material
  • Intensive washing mechanics due to high constant water circulation with filter
  • Circulation quantity independent on incoming water

"Complete Penetration" principle

The washing liquor goes through the fabric and

forms a layer of liquor on the front (1) and back

(2). By this contaminants are quickly removed on both

sides. Washing efficiency is increased by 40 percent in

comparison to net and screen drum systems.

Relaxation Zone Steep Master

  • Under liquor accumulation function.
  • Circulation and mind feeding of large liquor quantities
  • Controlled, low-tension fabric take-off transition without rolled-up edges of creases
  • At the fabric entrance impregnating trough with intermediate squeezing device, optional
  • Take up of the plaited fabric at the outlet is always from the top, thus giving low tension, distortion-free fabric guiding
  • Plaiting of fabric onto a largely dimensioned driven reversing drum, thus controlled and smooth turning of the fabric staple, also possible with tight-strand fabric guidance.

Vacuum technology for efficient stream separation, for recycling of application liquor or for contamination level reduction. Separate disposal of heavily contaminated effluent costs and water consumption of the down stream machines due to steeper concentration gradients. Vacuum units in front of the drying section also mean higher productivity at the Stenters/Dryers as well as less energy cost. Already with blends, all the advantages of the Kusters Vacuum-Technology become obvious (see below). But also with native fibres, the effects are excellent: Due to the fact, that the fabric is not squeezed, the handle is far better. Same at the wet-in-wet-application: Saving of dyestuff (pigment dyeing) and chemicals due to recycling is one thing, but the effects are even better, because the yield of application is improved by effective covering of only the fibres surface. All in all a big effect with just a little input!

Vacuum technology in washing process means:

  • separate disposal of heavy polluted liquor
  • increased washing effect in the downstream washing units due to high concentration gradient
  • possible recovery of size or chemicals
  • controlled removal of hydrolysed dyestuff
  • lower residual moisture content on many synthetic fabrics and blends
  • reduced water consumption
  • shorter wash ranges, depending on the process

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