Open width knits processing


The preliminary decision for quality fabric.

Singeing is a very popular process to upgrade the fabric in the first step. Additionally, it keeps dirt out of the following processes. When choosing Kusters Calico singeing technology, the foundation for uniform quality is laid. Kusters Calico provides the highest possible singeing effects, automated process control, low energy-consumption with versatile range of application.

Singeing Position

Flame meets at right-angle onto dense woven fabric freely guided between 2 rollers, recommended for natural fibres and blends.

Onto water cooled roller

Flame meets at right-angle onto the fabric passing over a water cooled roller, recommended for fabrics made of temperature sensitive fibers

Tangential singeing

Flame passes tangentially over the fabric guided over a water cooled roller recommendable for fabrics which cannot tolerate direct exposure to flame and for repair of filamentation.

Execution for knitted fabrics


Long dwelling time for smooth and safe steaming in the bleaching process. In continuous bleaching the heating-up phase, dwelling of the fabric before the plaiting and reaction time in the steamer must be taken into consideration.

The softknit bleach elements ensure:

  • An even steam distribution for the entire process.
  • Heating-up and dwelling zone for fabric without stains with careful fabric transfer by driven drums.
  • Safe plaiting and turning onto belt by means of proven and tested plaiting device.
  • Smooth take-up, spreading and tension control in outlet section at handling over to following washing aggregate.
  • Steam saturator and automatic steam control cloud control for evenly saturated steam.

Cold Pad Batch

The Economical and Ecological Solution

  • Flaxible dyeing of short lots.
  • Quick change of lot by means of auto cleaning system.
  • Minimization of residual liquor due to optimum trough design.
  • Maximal dye yield.
  • Even dyeing.
  • Reasonable prices, safety, reproducibility.
  • Integrated control of all process parameters, such as : Temperature, Fabric tension, Moisture Profile, Winding tension.
  • Optional connection of aprocess master system.
  • Fabric take-up via controlled drive over the entire spreading device and web contraction.
  • Defined squeezing through two deflection-controlled S-rolls with highest possible correction potential.
  • Transfer to winding without curled edges.
  • Electrically driven center winder with mobile platform, control of winding tension and winding hardness over the entire length.


Controlled nip pressures of S-Roll


Softknit with Single or Double Washing Compartment


Intensive washing effect through washing with water steam mixture

  • Innovative liquor application for working with water-stem mixtures
  • Acceleration of diffusion processes due to increased temperature (temperature increase of 100 C accelerates diffusion by about 50%)
  • Direct steam injection into liquor circulation with continuous temperature control
  • Even application by support - free wide jet nozzles
  • Fields of application: Size/diffusion colour fastness washing reaction time processes

Finishing Padder

  • Uniform linear pressure over the entire roller width, also in the case of varying nip pressures by means of a "Swimming Roll" with continuous deflection control
  • Service-free pressure application unit
  • Liquor trough, lifted and lowered pneumatically, heating and cooling possible, minimum liquor content
  • Several trough designs available

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Finishing Padder